Makeup Artist pet peeves

Whoa! I can see I have not posted in quite a while. I got a job teaching a couple new subjects. I had to put my head down and figure them out, or at least stay ahead of the students! HAHA. Now oming off a busy wedding season, busiest one yet:). I am back TOCing for the city of Burnaby and I am going to a couple wedding shows this fall. I'll blog about those soon. However this summer season I learned something about myself and what bothers me as a makeup artist. I want to badly to make clients happy, and to give them what they want. If I haven't done that, if the picture in your mind doesn't match what I have done, TELL ME! I am in no way insulted. Perhaps we need to talk more, or you forgot to mention you hated pink...whatever the reason, I will happily change it. What bothers me is (what I am guessing) is people's innate politeness, not wanting to ask for anything different. The client leaves me and does it themselves. My soul gets so crushed when this happens. So I beg you, please tell me about changes, you got them!