TOP FIVE Makeup Trends for Spring 2017

Are you getting married in 2017? This blog is for you! I have researched and looked up the coming trends for 2017 wedding looks.Here are my TOP FIVE. For this blog I will just be addressing makeup trends but there is one hair trend which I love; BRAIDS.  Love them on all women :)

Makeup Trend #1

Pink Lips- Very summery, and 'girly' there is a pink for all complexions. Pink is fresh and natural (cause we all blush;) and you'll look beautiful wearing it for your day.

Makeup Trend #2

Dewy Fresh Skin-this can be achieved with a glow primer or a highlighter at the end. I personally love this look. Skin looks natural, you face has dimension, and it looks so good in photos! A warning is necessary for this look as too much can be perceived as sweat in photos so limit the dew to the natural places. If you have oily skin, really limit it, you'll achieve it naturally.

Makeup Trend #3

Strong Brows-if the lord has granted you natural, filled in brows with the perfect arch-you have been blessed. For most of us we have to reshape, fill in, figure out how we want our brows to frame our eyes. Because that is what they do, frame our eyes. They ground our look and give dimension to our face (so we don't just have a giant forehead). Luckily they continue to be 'in' for fashion. In my opinion, they will never be out, no matter what a magazine says.

Makeup Trend #4

Brown Eye makeup-no matter the colour of your eye, brown looks good on everyone. It can be soft, natural, and it will never go out of style, can you say timeless? Brown Mascara however, is a no go. Black mascara will set the makeup off better than brown mascara.

Makeup Trend #5

No Makeup-makeup-I am not advocating no makeup for your day. However for Spring 2017, the 'No Makeup-Makeup' look is in. The secret is clear skin. Be sure to exfoliate, and moisturise to achieve the perfect skin. Without the skin, this look cannot work. It's achieved with a neutral eye (maybe in brown shades?), with a soft blush, and a pink, nudish lip. This look isn't for everyone, or will match the style of wedding you have chosen. 


Honourable mention: Glossy lips-matte lip is be no more in Spring. Gloss is back. It didn't make the list because let's face it, what works on the runway doesn't always make it in real life. Glossy lips are a bad idea if you are bride with a veil. I'm sure you get it!

Congratulations to you Spring 2017 Bride.