Glass Slipper Wedding Show

Fall has arrived!!! Love this season, in fact I don't know anyone who doesn't love the fall. I like sitting by the fire, with cozy sweaters, and socks on watching a movie with the dog on my lap. I do this in the summer but it is heavily judged by others ;)

November 6th I am proud to be an exhibitor at the Glass Slipper Wedding Show in Fort Langley. If you are a bride, please come by, and say hi. I'm trying to work out what my show special will be. I'll have something ready soon.

I love being part of these shows. It is stressful to make everything look beautiful but I like meeting and talking to people, so that is always the highlight of the day.

Added bonus to the show is, of course, it is in Fort Langley; LOVE Fort Langley. Going there this week for a meeting. Blacksmith Bakery and their crossiants; delicious

See you in a month!