Tips to Keep Makeup Fresh All Day

Weddings are a busy day. Brides and Bridesmaids are up early and often the fun stops late at night. Your makeup therefore has to stay all day! There are many steps I take to ensure this, but there are some steps brides need to do to help this along.

1. Exfoliate. 

Taking away that dead skin, opening up the pores, making the skin fresh and even makes the makeup application more even therefore it will last longer. I personally exfoliate with baking soda. It sits on the back of my toilet, and when I shower I reach around and pour a little in my hand to make a paste. My skin is so much better now that I have made this a priority in my facial regime.

2. Moisturise

Dry skin is death to a makeup application. It looks terrible. Being diligent on your moisturising routine will ensure the makeup can settle. If you have dry skin, it will sit on top, not absorb into the skin. 

3. Stop touching your face

The easiest and hardest thing to do. 

4. Primer

I personally wear makeup badly. It falls off my face. Primer has been a staple in my makeup bag since I began to wear makeup. Primer also helps the makeup look even and fresh; it seals in your moisturiser. Regardless of whether your wear makeup well, you need it for your wedding day. 

5. Finishing powder.

Your makeup is done; now to set it. A translucent powder is best, and cost effective. You can roll is on with a powder puff or a fluffy makeup brush. You makeup is set and won't slide around.

6. Setting Spray.

The last step I do is spray my clients with setting spray. It's like hairspray for the face. For a huge, busy wedding day it is a MUST.

You can see there a many steps you can make to get longevity out of your makeup. All the best out there.