Throwback Thursday with Posing in Vintage and Iulia Agnew Photography

Hello, Hello :) Today I am covering for my boyfriend who is out of town on a school trip. His leadership students are taking the remaining grade 8s through Ode to Joy, freeing me to do a blog post for you guys. It is not a bad atmosphere...slightly out of tune 'Ode to Joy' ;)

I'm looking through my photos and low and behold, I come across last years collab project with Jasmine and Iulia. We had some fun playing with different looks, and fashion ideas. The other thing I really like is being open to this idea of 'play.' Coming from theatre, where I took numerous courses in playmaking, the idea of 'play' is really important to me. Can we get to together and see if something works? Our first look didn't end up working but the second and third did! Failure is ok with me, it is how we learn, review, and grow as humans and artists.

I'll connect this idea to bridal trials. If you are someone who for sure wants a trial but are not sure exactly what look you want, you have a couple hours with your artist to 'play'. Sometimes I think of what I would want my makeup to look like and I panic a little. I love so many different looks for so many different reasons. 

If you have a playful spirit, get in touch with me. I love people with this philosophy. We'd have fun together :)

Perhaps out of your play we would have as much success as Jasmine, Iulia and myself.