Matte Lips/ Stay all day lipstick, and why I decided to like them

This year matte lipstick is all the rage. It is in the magazines and it is what all summer a lot of brides wanted to wear.

I have never been a fan. I found them drying and just wanted to lick my lips and add gloss. 

However after so many asked me for matte at the beginning of the year I realised I better go get some. I bought some Glo minerals (love) and some Stila 'Stay all Day' lips in classic bridal colours. This year, these two brands were practically all I used all summer.

Working in bridal it is so important to get longevity out of the makeup products, and lets face it, there is a lot of kissy-kissy face during the day. Lipstick and how it lasts is important.

I wear matte lips now and the stay all day wear. Not all the time, but I have become more open to trying products I thought I hated. I gave them a second chance.  As weird as it sounds that lipstick could teach me a lesson, it did; Be open to change, to being patient, to not being stubborn.