Fall Looks 2015

Fall is starting this week. It is one of my favourite seasons. The air changes, leaves fall and we get to dress in cozy sweater and boots. I have been doing my research on what the fashion world has decided are the 'IN' looks for Fall 2015. So many of them are suitable for wedding looks! While I am a big believer in' do what makes you feel good', it pays off to know what looks good and makes us look current as well. 

RED LIPS ARE BACK!!  I'm not sure they went away totally but they are back on the runway. Brides who chose red lips for their wedding day, are bold and daring and love showing off their number one feature, awesome lips. Suggestions would be to either pay for your artist to come back for touchups, or make sure you purchase the lip colour you want to wear as red lips need much up keep. If you have thinner lips, red lips (any dark colour) can make them appear thinner.

Graphic Eyes-I cannot imagine many would want the weird and wonderful graphic eyeliner that can appear on runways, for their wedding day. However the classic cat eye in its many variations can be stunning. Make sure it fits your eyeshape, it pairs well with red lips.

Flush Blush-One of my favourites!! Huge Blush fan. The 'come out from the cold' look is in this fall. For me, blush makes you look alive and awake. It's one of the products that, when I am feeling minimalistic with my makeup, I for sure do. One of my favourite products is the Dior Rosy Glow Blush. Don't be frightened by the bright pink colour. It goes on soft and achieves that 'come in from the cold' look. Pair it with rosy glow lips, a thin coat of mascara, and you'll be set....ok, do your eyebrows too.

Smoky Eyes-Beautiful, eye focused makeup. This is a classic! A deeper, more intense looks if a bride wants something a little more glamorous. The secret to achieving this? Blend...then blend some more.

Welcome Fall!! Excited to get cozy and trendy!

Fall Trends 2015