A Slip in Water

I contacted a recent bride and she told me this great story about her sister. At the time I'm sure it was not great for her but given time, it will be an awesome story told about Courtney's wedding. Courtney gave me permission to share this with you.

 Thank you so much everything turned out perfect... but one small story you will love... at the venue there was a small dock on a small lake... my sister, Ashley, the Maid of Honour got a bit too excited and lost her footing while trying to take a photo on the dock. She fell in!! Head under and all. When she got out, everything was soaked. We managed to dry her dress in a dryer and re do her hair. Someone had a blowdryer and curler but her makeup never even made a smudge. The second she got out of the lake her makeup looked like nothing had even happened to it. SO THANK YOU! for rocking the makeup. You guys were great! You can share this story that even after a swim the makeup will not move!



Happy Makeup Artist!!!