Wonderlust and Umbrella Events

In my quest to get out there, meet people, do photoshoots I came across some work on Instagram of Wonderlust photography. These two ladies run a photography business together. When you hire them, you get TWO principal photographers. I loved their work. Erin and Allison of Wonderlust also use nature in their work a lot. Why wouldn't you? We live In BEAUTIFUL British Columbia ;) We also met for drinks to discuss vision. I had pinterested some ideas, and they gravitated towards the forest shoots I had pinned. After that meeting I heard Erin had built a swing! (you'll see it in the shoot!) We held another meeting at Alison's house and this is where I met Christie from Umbrella Events. Love her!! (We actually met for drinks just a couple days ago). Christie has the perfect personality to be an event planner. She is warm, outgoing, and you can tell she would keep her head if something were to go awry. Between the four of us, we gathered more vendors to create something really wonderful in Central Park in Burnaby. This shoot wasn't too long ago, so no word on publishing it yet. My fingers are crossed as this shoot is just as beautiful as some of my others.