Bright Lights and Iulia Agnew Photography

The other shoot I found out was going to be published is the big vendor collaboration that Bright Light Events, Iulia Agnew Photography and myself put together. We meet 6 weeks before the shoot to discuss vision and what did we want to explore. We asked so many people to be involved and they all said yes!

I have met some amazing people in this business. To be able to come together and share talents, in the pursuit of success, creativity, and collaboration, it is so amazing. I'm thankful!

One part of the shoot will be published in Vale and Vine. This is a Canadian blog, centred around nature. I have seen the photos (Iulia let me have a peek) AMAZING! I'm really proud of it. Here is the sneak peek Iulia sent out later that day. The Shoot will be featured in June on Vale and Vine.