Creative Shoot with Jarusha Brown Photography

I love meeting people in the industry. I tried reaching out this winter to some people and Jarusha Brown is the only one who really pulled through on not only a meeting but we also decided we wanted to do a shoot together. This last weekend we did it. Brittany, an actress from Toronto modelled for us. She was fantastic. I said to Jarusha my only wish was for a natural redhead with freckles. Brittany was her!! So Happy! Tara O'Connor Makeup came and did the hair for the shoot. Manuel Mendoza Couture provided the dress and Lauren from Botany and Co did the flowers. It was such a great atmosphere of women being supportive, laughing, talking shop etc. Below are some of my favourites from the shoot. 


TOP FIVE Makeup Trends for Spring 2017

Are you getting married in 2017? This blog is for you! I have researched and looked up the coming trends for 2017 wedding looks.Here are my TOP FIVE. For this blog I will just be addressing makeup trends but there is one hair trend which I love; BRAIDS.  Love them on all women :)

Makeup Trend #1

Pink Lips- Very summery, and 'girly' there is a pink for all complexions. Pink is fresh and natural (cause we all blush;) and you'll look beautiful wearing it for your day.

Makeup Trend #2

Dewy Fresh Skin-this can be achieved with a glow primer or a highlighter at the end. I personally love this look. Skin looks natural, you face has dimension, and it looks so good in photos! A warning is necessary for this look as too much can be perceived as sweat in photos so limit the dew to the natural places. If you have oily skin, really limit it, you'll achieve it naturally.

Makeup Trend #3

Strong Brows-if the lord has granted you natural, filled in brows with the perfect arch-you have been blessed. For most of us we have to reshape, fill in, figure out how we want our brows to frame our eyes. Because that is what they do, frame our eyes. They ground our look and give dimension to our face (so we don't just have a giant forehead). Luckily they continue to be 'in' for fashion. In my opinion, they will never be out, no matter what a magazine says.

Makeup Trend #4

Brown Eye makeup-no matter the colour of your eye, brown looks good on everyone. It can be soft, natural, and it will never go out of style, can you say timeless? Brown Mascara however, is a no go. Black mascara will set the makeup off better than brown mascara.

Makeup Trend #5

No Makeup-makeup-I am not advocating no makeup for your day. However for Spring 2017, the 'No Makeup-Makeup' look is in. The secret is clear skin. Be sure to exfoliate, and moisturise to achieve the perfect skin. Without the skin, this look cannot work. It's achieved with a neutral eye (maybe in brown shades?), with a soft blush, and a pink, nudish lip. This look isn't for everyone, or will match the style of wedding you have chosen. 


Honourable mention: Glossy lips-matte lip is be no more in Spring. Gloss is back. It didn't make the list because let's face it, what works on the runway doesn't always make it in real life. Glossy lips are a bad idea if you are bride with a veil. I'm sure you get it!

Congratulations to you Spring 2017 Bride.


Tips to Keep Makeup Fresh All Day

Weddings are a busy day. Brides and Bridesmaids are up early and often the fun stops late at night. Your makeup therefore has to stay all day! There are many steps I take to ensure this, but there are some steps brides need to do to help this along.

1. Exfoliate. 

Taking away that dead skin, opening up the pores, making the skin fresh and even makes the makeup application more even therefore it will last longer. I personally exfoliate with baking soda. It sits on the back of my toilet, and when I shower I reach around and pour a little in my hand to make a paste. My skin is so much better now that I have made this a priority in my facial regime.

2. Moisturise

Dry skin is death to a makeup application. It looks terrible. Being diligent on your moisturising routine will ensure the makeup can settle. If you have dry skin, it will sit on top, not absorb into the skin. 

3. Stop touching your face

The easiest and hardest thing to do. 

4. Primer

I personally wear makeup badly. It falls off my face. Primer has been a staple in my makeup bag since I began to wear makeup. Primer also helps the makeup look even and fresh; it seals in your moisturiser. Regardless of whether your wear makeup well, you need it for your wedding day. 

5. Finishing powder.

Your makeup is done; now to set it. A translucent powder is best, and cost effective. You can roll is on with a powder puff or a fluffy makeup brush. You makeup is set and won't slide around.

6. Setting Spray.

The last step I do is spray my clients with setting spray. It's like hairspray for the face. For a huge, busy wedding day it is a MUST.

You can see there a many steps you can make to get longevity out of your makeup. All the best out there.

Throwback Thursday with Posing in Vintage and Iulia Agnew Photography

Hello, Hello :) Today I am covering for my boyfriend who is out of town on a school trip. His leadership students are taking the remaining grade 8s through Ode to Joy, freeing me to do a blog post for you guys. It is not a bad atmosphere...slightly out of tune 'Ode to Joy' ;)

I'm looking through my photos and low and behold, I come across last years collab project with Jasmine and Iulia. We had some fun playing with different looks, and fashion ideas. The other thing I really like is being open to this idea of 'play.' Coming from theatre, where I took numerous courses in playmaking, the idea of 'play' is really important to me. Can we get to together and see if something works? Our first look didn't end up working but the second and third did! Failure is ok with me, it is how we learn, review, and grow as humans and artists.

I'll connect this idea to bridal trials. If you are someone who for sure wants a trial but are not sure exactly what look you want, you have a couple hours with your artist to 'play'. Sometimes I think of what I would want my makeup to look like and I panic a little. I love so many different looks for so many different reasons. 

If you have a playful spirit, get in touch with me. I love people with this philosophy. We'd have fun together :)

Perhaps out of your play we would have as much success as Jasmine, Iulia and myself.



Matte Lips/ Stay all day lipstick, and why I decided to like them

This year matte lipstick is all the rage. It is in the magazines and it is what all summer a lot of brides wanted to wear.

I have never been a fan. I found them drying and just wanted to lick my lips and add gloss. 

However after so many asked me for matte at the beginning of the year I realised I better go get some. I bought some Glo minerals (love) and some Stila 'Stay all Day' lips in classic bridal colours. This year, these two brands were practically all I used all summer.

Working in bridal it is so important to get longevity out of the makeup products, and lets face it, there is a lot of kissy-kissy face during the day. Lipstick and how it lasts is important.

I wear matte lips now and the stay all day wear. Not all the time, but I have become more open to trying products I thought I hated. I gave them a second chance.  As weird as it sounds that lipstick could teach me a lesson, it did; Be open to change, to being patient, to not being stubborn.  

The Importance of Contracts for both parties

For the first couple years of business I did not have a contract. I didn't understand the need for one. You have booked me, I am there, no questions! If for some reason I woke up on your wedding day too sick to work, I would not abandon you I would pull all my connections and make sure you had an artist. However after a couple years I realized why artists have them; for protection. 

At first I realized I had waited many times  (like over an hour) for a bride to get to her appointment with me. (usually coming from their hairdressers). Now, in these circumstances I only had personal things I missed but as I become busier with my business and summer Saturdays get double booked, I cannot wait over an hour.

The other reason I realized I needed a contract is when services get cancelled. I am sympathetic to the costs of weddings (it is one of the reasons I have kept my own prices reasonable). However I have to budget and live on my earnings (particularly in the summer) so I need to know what those are. The other reason is I may have had to say, "No, I am booked," to some other bride...then weeks go by and some of the original services get canceled and I miss out on all the work. 

For you the bride, the contract protects you as well. All services are spelled out, what is included, how many, how much. what is required. Added to this, if for some reason I wouldn't be making your wedding day (extreme illness or accident-knock on wood) I have stated I would pay you back 110% of your deposit back. I have done this to you let know that if I ever did cancel on you it would be for extremely extenuated circumstances. This has never happened to me but I wanted to let all my brides know I take their booking really seriously.

I love working with you all and get so excited to make you feel special. If you have booked with me and signed the contract, always ask me questions and never feel you cannot talk to me about it. Or if you are thinking of booking with me, ask me questions. I am never too busy.



Glass Slipper Wedding Show

Fall has arrived!!! Love this season, in fact I don't know anyone who doesn't love the fall. I like sitting by the fire, with cozy sweaters, and socks on watching a movie with the dog on my lap. I do this in the summer but it is heavily judged by others ;)

November 6th I am proud to be an exhibitor at the Glass Slipper Wedding Show in Fort Langley. If you are a bride, please come by, and say hi. I'm trying to work out what my show special will be. I'll have something ready soon.

I love being part of these shows. It is stressful to make everything look beautiful but I like meeting and talking to people, so that is always the highlight of the day.

Added bonus to the show is, of course, it is in Fort Langley; LOVE Fort Langley. Going there this week for a meeting. Blacksmith Bakery and their crossiants; delicious

See you in a month!


Makeup Artist pet peeves

Whoa! I can see I have not posted in quite a while. I got a job teaching a couple new subjects. I had to put my head down and figure them out, or at least stay ahead of the students! HAHA. Now oming off a busy wedding season, busiest one yet:). I am back TOCing for the city of Burnaby and I am going to a couple wedding shows this fall. I'll blog about those soon. However this summer season I learned something about myself and what bothers me as a makeup artist. I want to badly to make clients happy, and to give them what they want. If I haven't done that, if the picture in your mind doesn't match what I have done, TELL ME! I am in no way insulted. Perhaps we need to talk more, or you forgot to mention you hated pink...whatever the reason, I will happily change it. What bothers me is (what I am guessing) is people's innate politeness, not wanting to ask for anything different. The client leaves me and does it themselves. My soul gets so crushed when this happens. So I beg you, please tell me about changes, you got them!

Editorials are the best!

On Saturday, February 27th I was up early for an editorial shoot at Cecil Green Park House at UBC. What a beautiful location. No wonder Cecil Green has been voted one of the Best Wedding Locations in BC. So many vendors were part of this shoot. I was so pleased to be one of them. 

Photography: Joanna Moss Photography

Event Planner: Umbrella Events-Cristie

Dresses-Bridesmaid-Little Pink Dress Design, Bridal-Pure Magnolia

Flowers-Vivio Flowers

Jewelry-Passion Diamonds

Cake-Letterpress Bakery

Hair-Hello Lovely-Jessica

Makeup-Agnew Makeup Artistry (Mink lashes by SLMiss Glam)

Set-Past Pieces-Nicole

Menus-Stationery Bike

Capture Productions

I learned I was terrible at telling jokes-trying to get the models to laugh, be entertained, I had to always explain the jokes...which means they were really not funny...oh well. Below is a sneak peek Joanna posted. Fingers crossed we'll get published.

Original Bridal Swap

On April 3 Agnew Makeup Artistry will be a vendor at the Original Bridal Swap. I super excited as this is my first bridal show. If you are coming, come say hi to me! I'm bringing along a fantastic hair stylist. Jessica Blackmon and her sister Samantha run 'Hello Lovely.' Their work is beautiful. If you need someone for your wedding day I cannot recommend them enough.

I love the idea of the Bridal Swap. If you are getting married this year (even next) it's such a budget friendly idea to purchase from other brides what they used at their weddings. Let's upcycle people :)

I'm running a deal-if you are still looking for a makeup artist, come by, chat with me, see if your date is free (I'm a geek-I loved that I just rhymed there), and if you think we're a good match I'll be providing mink lashes for you on your wedding day-FOR FREE. I cannot tell you how good mink lashes look in photos. They are amazing! 

If you already have your makeup artist, but still need a hair stylist, stop by and talk to Jessica from Hello Lovely. She'll have her portfolio, her availability and price list for you.

All the best. Hope to see you April 3.





When a Bride books with me I talk to her right away about the importance of having moisturized, hydrated skin. I suffer myself from dry skin, and when I get it my foundation sucks into my dry patches and it is just awful.  If you are getting married or have a special event coming up. Make sure you do the following:

Exfoliate: If you have dry to combination skin exfoliate two times a week. If you have oily skin, exfoliate three times a week. Sloughing off the dead skin will help prevent breakouts. Just remember you have three layers of skin, it takes approximately 21 days for the second layer of your skin to become your first.

Masks: I have done weekly hydration masks when my skin was particularly dry. The treatment helped with two weeks to clear up so I highly recommend these. Obviously mask treatments can be found for all sort of skin types and problems. The Face Shop has reasonable masks if you are on a budget.

Daily Regime: Make sure you are using a cleanser that takes your makeup off. Some do not dissolve makeup as think they do.

Moisturizer: Having the right moisturizer is important. A thinner formula for the day and thicker for the night. I personally seek a formula with no SPF in it. This way I can use it for both day and night. Do not put a moisturizer on at night which has SPF in it. SPF clogs your pores and creates breakouts.

Eye cream: Anti-aging or hydration, the skin around your eyes is thinner and requires a different formula than the rest of your face.

Serums: Serums are expensive. However I have found they work. They are designed to seep into your skin and treat your second layer of skin. As your skin grows out, and your second layer becomes your first layer, it has already been treated and taken care of. They do make a difference so this might be something you do just as your day approaches-don't bother starting if it's a month away and you expect results on the day. Start at least 6 months before.

What do I use? I use Bioderma. You can find it at Shoppers Drug Mart. Models during Fashion Week use this product as it melts makeup off, keeps skin moisturized, and is gentle enough not to irritate. My skin is as good as it has ever been.

There is much to chose from, do some research, ask friends what they use, ask experts-don't forget they are trying to sell you something. ASK FOR SAMPLES!

Wishing you all the best in the search for beautiful skin!


Agnew Makeup Artistry is thrilled to be featured on The Perfect Palette. The feauture is already out!  I got together with Wonderlust Photography, Umbrella Events, Esu Floral, Lily does Makeup (Hair) and myself (so many more vendors too!!) to create some beauty.

Photography: Wonderlust Photography; Allison and Erin

Event Planner: Umbrella Events; Cristie

Dress: Pure Magnolia

Hair: Lily does Makeup; Lily Ling

Makeup: Agnew Makeup Artistry; Charlene Agnew

Furniture: Spruce Collective

Flowers: Esu Floral

Jewelry: The Borrowed Co

Headpieces: Oliva the Wolf: Sandra

Wedding Favours: Hive for Humanity 

Cake: The Uncommon Cake

Appetizers: Fiesta Catering

Invites: Maurelle Caligraphy


Check out the December 2015 issue of Sheeba Magazine! You'll find makeup by Agnew Makeup Artistry!! And when you close the magazine, you'll see on the back makeup by Agnew Makeup Artistry. Thank you to Sheeba Magazine for the feature, it was super exciting to work with Iulia Agnew from Iulia Agnew Forografie and and the stylist Chervelle Camille Atelier. Below is just a sneak peak...check out Sheeba Magazine for the whole shoot.


Thanksgiving is upon us once again, and it is such a lovely time to stop and take notice of what you are grateful for. Life seems to pass quicker the older you get so this time of celebration helps me reflect. I am thankful for so many things: my parents and boyfriend who love me, for simple things like a roof over my head and food in my belly-not to be taken for granted.

However this post is mainly about my work, as I am thankful that I have found 2 vocations I absolutely love. I love being a drama teacher. It is FUN! I'm not currently working as a permanent drama teacher but when I get to TOC, fill in for a sick teacher, I am so happy and excited.

On Saturdays (or whenever) I get to go make a bride and her friends happy, take part in their exciting times, it is infectious. Agnew Makeup Artistry is getting busier every year we are in business and I keep meeting lovely women to work with. Thank you to all who I have had the pleasure to work with, and thank you to any who have considered me amongst the many you can pick from. I look forward to working with you and sharing the best day.


Happy Thanksgiving...Don't eat too much ;)

Fall Looks 2015

Fall is starting this week. It is one of my favourite seasons. The air changes, leaves fall and we get to dress in cozy sweater and boots. I have been doing my research on what the fashion world has decided are the 'IN' looks for Fall 2015. So many of them are suitable for wedding looks! While I am a big believer in' do what makes you feel good', it pays off to know what looks good and makes us look current as well. 

RED LIPS ARE BACK!!  I'm not sure they went away totally but they are back on the runway. Brides who chose red lips for their wedding day, are bold and daring and love showing off their number one feature, awesome lips. Suggestions would be to either pay for your artist to come back for touchups, or make sure you purchase the lip colour you want to wear as red lips need much up keep. If you have thinner lips, red lips (any dark colour) can make them appear thinner.

Graphic Eyes-I cannot imagine many would want the weird and wonderful graphic eyeliner that can appear on runways, for their wedding day. However the classic cat eye in its many variations can be stunning. Make sure it fits your eyeshape, it pairs well with red lips.

Flush Blush-One of my favourites!! Huge Blush fan. The 'come out from the cold' look is in this fall. For me, blush makes you look alive and awake. It's one of the products that, when I am feeling minimalistic with my makeup, I for sure do. One of my favourite products is the Dior Rosy Glow Blush. Don't be frightened by the bright pink colour. It goes on soft and achieves that 'come in from the cold' look. Pair it with rosy glow lips, a thin coat of mascara, and you'll be set....ok, do your eyebrows too.

Smoky Eyes-Beautiful, eye focused makeup. This is a classic! A deeper, more intense looks if a bride wants something a little more glamorous. The secret to achieving this? Blend...then blend some more.

Welcome Fall!! Excited to get cozy and trendy!

Fall Trends 2015

A Slip in Water

I contacted a recent bride and she told me this great story about her sister. At the time I'm sure it was not great for her but given time, it will be an awesome story told about Courtney's wedding. Courtney gave me permission to share this with you.

 Thank you so much everything turned out perfect... but one small story you will love... at the venue there was a small dock on a small lake... my sister, Ashley, the Maid of Honour got a bit too excited and lost her footing while trying to take a photo on the dock. She fell in!! Head under and all. When she got out, everything was soaked. We managed to dry her dress in a dryer and re do her hair. Someone had a blowdryer and curler but her makeup never even made a smudge. The second she got out of the lake her makeup looked like nothing had even happened to it. SO THANK YOU! for rocking the makeup. You guys were great! You can share this story that even after a swim the makeup will not move!



Happy Makeup Artist!!!

Wonderlust and Umbrella Events

In my quest to get out there, meet people, do photoshoots I came across some work on Instagram of Wonderlust photography. These two ladies run a photography business together. When you hire them, you get TWO principal photographers. I loved their work. Erin and Allison of Wonderlust also use nature in their work a lot. Why wouldn't you? We live In BEAUTIFUL British Columbia ;) We also met for drinks to discuss vision. I had pinterested some ideas, and they gravitated towards the forest shoots I had pinned. After that meeting I heard Erin had built a swing! (you'll see it in the shoot!) We held another meeting at Alison's house and this is where I met Christie from Umbrella Events. Love her!! (We actually met for drinks just a couple days ago). Christie has the perfect personality to be an event planner. She is warm, outgoing, and you can tell she would keep her head if something were to go awry. Between the four of us, we gathered more vendors to create something really wonderful in Central Park in Burnaby. This shoot wasn't too long ago, so no word on publishing it yet. My fingers are crossed as this shoot is just as beautiful as some of my others.

Bright Lights and Iulia Agnew Photography

The other shoot I found out was going to be published is the big vendor collaboration that Bright Light Events, Iulia Agnew Photography and myself put together. We meet 6 weeks before the shoot to discuss vision and what did we want to explore. We asked so many people to be involved and they all said yes!

I have met some amazing people in this business. To be able to come together and share talents, in the pursuit of success, creativity, and collaboration, it is so amazing. I'm thankful!

One part of the shoot will be published in Vale and Vine. This is a Canadian blog, centred around nature. I have seen the photos (Iulia let me have a peek) AMAZING! I'm really proud of it. Here is the sneak peek Iulia sent out later that day. The Shoot will be featured in June on Vale and Vine.

Busy Busy

I realized as I have this afternoon off from work that I have not been able to update in a while. Recently have heard some exciting news. Two of my most recent shoots are going to be published! So thrilled! The first one is for Best Friends for Frosting blog. The shoot was with Annie from Cakes by Annie and the photographer is Iulia Agnew Photography. It was such a simple little shoot in my mom's backyard but it turned out beautifully. I'll attach the sneak peek photo, but to see the rest of the shoot you'll have to check out Best Friends for Frosting. Coming SOON!


This Sunday is the first of many style shoots I hope to work on. It's with Sparrow Photography and we decided on an Old Hollywood theme. We got a model and her boyfriend to come out for the shoot. Vienna, the photographer, really wanted to work with a real couple. Lily is doing hair and I'm doing the makeup. We'll be shooting in Gastown. Last week I went downtown to Sandra's studio. She owns Olivia the wolf, a business that designs headpieces for brides. My jaw dropped! She is so talented. Sandra loaned us a couple pieces for the shoot on Sunday, which I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that I will have photos with these pieces in them. I'm super excited to show the shoot, fingers crossed that it does not rain in Vancouver on Sunday!